How Fabriq's product workflows evolved as they scaled.

"We aren't yet using all of Cycle's capabilities, but we know we can scale with it."

Rodolphe Orban- Product @Fabriq


Problems: As Fabriq scaled, feedback collection and collaboration became challenging. They needed a solution to efficiently centralize feedback, prioritize insights, and collaborate around the product.

Solution: Cycle provided the answer by centralizing feedback, enabling efficient prioritization, and fostering collaboration across their expanding team.

About Fabriq

Fabriq's mission is to boost the performance and efficiency of industrial sites by providing central software that offers visibility from shop floor operators to site administrators. They operate in 21 countries with over 12,000 active users.

Rodolphe is a Product Manager at Fabriq.

Industry: Public Works and Project Management

Headquarters: Paris

Founded: 2019

Company Size: 70 people

Fabriq's story

Their product team consists of three teams of developers, two designers, one PM, and the CEO. Development teams have diverse objectives, with one closely engaging with customers, another supporting ops and sales teams, and the last focusing on research and development.

While Fabriq used tools for feedback collection, these couldn't scale with its growth. Fabriq needed to efficiently manage a growing amount of customer feedback, coming from various teams and channels. They wanted to stay close to customers and have a central tool for feedback that allowed clustering, filtering, and prioritization, ultimately translating feedback into actionable initiatives.

Fabriq didn't want an overly complex tool and saw that Cycle's structured yet flexible approach could enable them to refine their processes over time and retain their agility as they were scaling.

"The interface is slick, and we feel the team behind wants to move fast and is responsive to feedback."

Rodolphe Orban- Product @Fabriq

How Fabriq uses Cycle

At Fabriq, Cycle serves multiple vital functions. Customer-facing teams rely on Cycle to closely monitor the status of key customer feedback. With Cycle, they gain full visibility into the features scheduled for release in every sprint, tailored to the specific requests of key customers.

The product team harnesses the power of Cycle to:

- Collect feedback from various sources becomes a streamlined process.

- Cluster insights: User feedback insights are categorized for deeper understanding.

- Link insights to product areas: Feedback is linked to relevant product areas for more targeted improvement.

- Prioritize features and improvements.

- Write PRDs.

- (They use their own Fabriq SaaS for delivery).

In terms of workflow, they predominantly operate asynchronously, fostering collaboration within Cycle using both inline and general comments.

We love Fabriq's use case with our API: whenever a new feature goes live, a Cycle bot automatically notifies the entire company on Slack, ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest developments.


In summary, Cycle has empowered Fabriq to scale while maintaining their customer-centric approach to product development.

1. Happier and more collaborative team: Which, as a consequence, provides more feedback and gets closer and closer to customers.

2. Better Product: With insights gathered in Cycle, Fabriq can develop a more refined product that resonates with their users, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced customer engagement: CX and Ops teams can engage with users more effectively, benefiting both retention and upsell efforts.

"If you want to construct a repository of user insights, Cycle is the go-to tool. It aggregates data from all sources into a single, clean view, allowing us to create a really cool product."

Rodolphe Orban- Product @Fabriq