How Choose built better products and enhanced Engagement with Cycle

"We saw a clear improvement in feedback tracking (being organized and centralized). Seeing 80 insights in a PRD is incredible! It's a game-changer!"

Loïck Müller - Head of Product @Choose


Challenges: Choose faced difficulties in managing scattered customer feedback, acting on it, and following up, resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of visibility.

Solution: By adopting Cycle, Choose improved product decisions and quality, productivity, decision-making, and cross-team collaboration. It also significantly boosted user engagement.

About Choose

Choose is a mobile application that thoughtfully curates the most unique, conscious, and emerging brands for daily introduction. Choose aims to reshape consumption paradigms and stimulate product discovery.

Loick is Head of Product

Industry: FMCG Tech

Headquarters: Paris

Founded: 2018

Company Size: 100

Product Team: 2 squads - one focusing on B2B, the other on B2C.

Choose's story

Before adopting Cycle, Choose encountered several challenges:

1. Overwhelming feedback dispersion across platforms like Slack, Notion, and other tools, making follow-up difficult, especially closing the loop with customers ("I know somebody asked for this feature that's now shipped, but who was it again, and on which platform?").

2. Translating customer feedback into actionable insights was challenging.

3. Gaining a high-level view of the roadmap and sprint progress.

4. Despite being customer-centric, Choose struggled to provide visibility on customer quotes throughout the entire company.

Their turning point came when they realized that Cycle could bring significant improvements to their feedback management and follow-up processes, providing a centralized solution to their challenges.

Alternative comparisons

Before embracing Cycle, Loïck explored alternatives like linking tools with Zapier and using Notion for feedback management. While these worked for a while, these solutions required continuous maintenance and didn't provide a satisfying ROI.

Cycle, on the other hand, offered a more comprehensive approach to their needs thanks to its modular data model, allowing them to focus on feedback processes rather than searching for information. They had also used previously Harvestr for similar purposes, but Cycle's affordability, product evolution & vision, and personalized qualitative support made the transition an evident choice.

How Choose uses Cycle

As the Head of Product, Loïck mainly uses Cycle for two purposes: feedback processing and initiative tracking. Product Managers also extract insights and share them with the team, and document PRDs.

"We're still fine-tuning our processes. Product Managers achieve inbox zero every Friday, wrapping up the week positively and preparing for the next week's meeting. This helps prioritize requests and quick wins. Additionally, every morning, everyone checks Cycle. During daily meetings, team members share their screens, showcasing ongoing tasks, priority topics, current PRD insights, and the problems they are currently investigating."

Loïck Müller - Head of Product @Choose

Choose follows an Objectives > Problem > Feature structure. When feedback is straightforward, it's directly linked to a feature, while if it requires in-depth exploration, it's linked to a problem. Features & problems are then prioritized based on the current business objective the company is focusing on.


The integration of Cycle has brought significant impacts to Choose's workflow:

1. Enhanced Productivity: Choose manages between 50 and 100 feedbacks daily, efficiently addressing almost all issues.

2. Better Product: The insights and context added to the PRD helped Choose make decisions with the full context at hand.

3. Engagement: Closing the feedback loop both internally and externally enhanced user engagement while also making internal teams feel heard, improving communication, transparency, and collaboration across the entire company. "Product is not a black box anymore."

"Cycle's Slack integration is a standout feature. Sending feedback from Slack is a breeze. It retains the original message and provides context-based notifications. This has significantly improved communication and transparency."

Loïck Müller - Head of Product @Choose