Poppins' secret weapon for exceptional customer care

"My A-ha moment was when I created an insight from a feedback. I saw it was 10x faster than my flow in Notion. You saved me hours and hours!"

Sylvie Le Mat, Care Lead @Poppins


Challenges: Poppins struggled to efficiently centralize feedback, extract product insights, and link them to the product roadmap. Their processes were cumbersome and finding information was difficult.

Solution: Cycle streamlined feedback and insights for Poppins. Insight creation became ten times faster, improving customer-centricity and prompt responses to user needs.

About Poppins

Poppins is a video game medical device that supports children with learning disorders like dyslexia, ADHD, and speech difficulties. It includes a mobile app and parental follow-up for an engaging learning experience.

Person: Sylvie, Customer Care

Industry: Health Tech

Headquarters: Paris

Founded: 2018

Company size: 30

Poppins' story

Before adopting Cycle, Poppins relied on Notion as their primary tool for managing feedback, gathering insights, and conducting user research.

"Notion is a powerful tool, but it fell short in our context: it was difficult to find back specific insights, to create new ones and to connect those to features in the roadmap. It often requires duplicating cards in Notion, resulting in a time-consuming process and lengthy pages that often go unread."

Sylvie Le Mat, Care Lead @Poppins

They then searched for another tool that could 1) centralize feedback, and 2) enable quick access to the information to improve clarity & efficiency.

They explored Dovetail and Productboard, but these didn't fully align with their requirements. Dovetail was found to be mostly appropriate for user research and less for the Care team as you cannot create a product roadmap. Productboard was only useful for PMs for creating roadmaps, and they needed more user research features.

Cycle on the contrary has many advantages they valued a lot:

- Suitable for user research

- Possibility of creating product roadmap

- Accessibility to clear and centralized information

- Dedicated care team: that was responsive, helpful, and close to them. It clearly influenced their choice.

- Ability to grow with the tool: they don’t yet use all Cycle features but know they can scale with it and leverage the tool even more over time.

How the Care team works

Sylvie, the Care Lead at Poppins, dedicates approximately 70% of her time to engaging with parents, assisting with onboarding, guiding them through the learning process, and providing continuous support through various channels such as Zendesk & Aircall.
Sylvie is responsible for extracting & communicating product insights & bugs from her calls. The Product team then filters those insights and links them to features in the roadmap.

She spends the remaining 30% of her time working on helping the community management team, reviewing blog articles, and leading Care team recruitment.

How Poppins uses Cycle

The Support teams are the most active in Cycle. They primarily use two views: 1) the Inbox within the Feedback section and 2) the Insight view.

They use Cycle for:

- Preparing onboardings & follow-up calls: with a custom template in Cycle. They also gather analytical data from the user and previous meeting notes.

- Taking notes for those

- Processing them afterward, creating insights, and assigning tags.

- Sending a weekly summary of all insights categorized by type on Slack.

- Closing the loop systematically and efficiently

How do they close the loop? For urgent bugs, Sylvie sends a message in Slack and engineers respond there. As soon as it’s ready, she comes back to users. For feature requests, she updates users on the status in the next call - in 1 click she gets this info in Cycle.

"I love using Cycle on a dual screen with my current meeting notes on the one hand and the ones from last time on the other."
Sylvie Le Mat, Care Lead @Poppins

Here is how the rest of the company uses Cycle:

- Product and designers analyze the insights created and link them to product roadmap elements. They then start a discovery phase for new topics.

- The whole company reads the Insights summary in Slack & consults the roadmap

- Quality & regulatory department exports Cycle views regularly to perform custom quantitative analyses on insights & bugs.


Cycle offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution for connecting user research and feedback with specific users and roadmap features. It simplifies the process of identifying crucial insights, compiling data, and creating customized views for easy information retrieval. The tool's swiftness, user-friendliness, and clarity make it an attractive choice for efficiently managing and utilizing user-related data.

"Cycle is extremely beneficial for companies with extensive onboarding and support needs, where centralizing feedback and getting updates on the related features is crucial."
Sylvie Le Mat, Care Lead @Poppins

Through the adoption of Cycle, Poppins managed to:

1. Save time processing feedback & access to product information

2. Become even more customer-centric with their customer

3. Close the loop more systematically & efficiently