The ultimate product management hub

Cycle helps you collect, unify, and connect all product information across your tools

An ecosystem of integrations

One-click integrations with your existing stack. No change management needed.


Your product feedback lifecycle

Capture customer feedback from many sources, connect the docs, collaborate within and outside Cycle, and close the feedback loop at each release.


Bring all product feedback from customers and prospects into Cycle so it can be linked to product delivery workflows

Push feedback from anywhere
Collect product feedback from customers and prospects across all your sources, including Slack and Intercom
Customize feedback forms
Choose the properties and tags you want people to fill in when they log feedback through customized forms
Document rich customer notes
Write customer research with all you expect from a modern rich text editor, including advanced formatting, markdown, and media embeds
Break down high level feedback
Start from a customer note and easily break it down into atomic pieces of feedback that are connected to product initiatives


Effortlessly store, link, enrich, assign, and treat all your customer feedback in one neat collaborative space

Manage your feedback inbox
Get to inbox zero by connecting each customer insight to the right product initiatives, whether they are bugs, snacks, or bigger projects
Customize feedback workflows
Choose how you want to connect feedback to product delivery workflows by customizing hierarchy rules
Organize customer feedback
Visualize feedback from customers and prospects in many different ways through customizable views
Navigate feedback in context
Easily access all the customer feedback that relates to a specific product initiative, without leaving the doc


Engage with customers and prospects whenever you ship or start working on something you know they asked for

Create rich product documents
Write outstanding product specs with Cycle’s full-fledged real-time editor, built for speed and delight
Work together in real-time & async
Easily share docs, comment on them, mention your teammates or join them with one click to work together on the same spec
Don’t copy paste, sync
Create bi-directional links between Cycle docs and issues or pages in other collaboration tools, with two-way sync
Embed any content in Cycle
Search, tag, create, and embed any page, board or issue right from any Cycle doc with simple “/” commands

Close the loop

Easily capture user insights, connect them to product delivery workflows, and close the feedback loop with customers.

Create beautiful release notes
Write interactive release notes that stand out by combining rich text with beautiful visuals like images, GIFs, Loom videos or Arcade snippets
Communicate with customers
Just shipped something some users had asked? Pick a communication template and close the loop quickly, with the right message.
Recruit users for research
Reach out to the right folks when you start thinking about a new feature – if they gave feedback about it, they’re likely to care
Create alignment with customer-facing teams
Empower customer-facing teams by giving them all the context they need to tweak the message and close the loop themselves

Focus on





Cycle puts customers at the center of your product development workflow. It synchronizes customer information from your CRM and communication tools so that product feedback is connected to the right people.

And it’s full of delightful details…

To help you enjoy the ride and ship something joyful!

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Real-time collaboration

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