Hey y’all, wanted to send you a quick video to tell you that the app has been pretty unstable since the last release. The AI queries are super slow now. Happy to hop on a call any time if helpful. Good luck with everything!
In this video, Martin shares his screen and explains his frustrations with the copilot feature. Even though it’s promising, Martin explains why the feature is not usable.

Your feedback hub,
on autopilot

Cycle is the fastest way for your team to capture product feedback and share customer insights – without the busywork.
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Top feature requests
  • Copilot
  • Apple Vision Pro app
  • Semantic search
  • Auto generate titles
  • Dark Mode
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Not started
Customers with most feedback
  • Linear
  • Attio
  • Folk
  • Loops
  • Slite
  • Arcade
  • Fillout
Summary of customer quotes
Loved by product folks at
Cycle is a slick AI tool that enables teams to build better products by getting smarter on what their customers want.
Olivier Godement

Extract insights,
on autopilot

Manually processing feedback can take several hours every week. Now it's all on autopilot with Cycle.
  • Customize your AI setup with flexible insight types
  • Let AI process and categorize your feedback, automatically
  • Verify AI-generated suggestions with one click

your customers

Cycle connects product feedback to your user data and lets you create customer voice reports in no time.
  • Sync your customers
  • Visualize customer voice data
  • Track customer requests

Plan your product,

Cycle's atomic unit is a natively collaborative doc. It adapts to your workflows and integrates with Linear.
  • Natively collaborative
  • Modeled around your workflows
  • Synchronized with Linear

your releases

With Cycle, you can create beautiful release notes and close the feedback loop with customers at each release.
  • Write your release notes
  • Publish product updates
  • Personalize your status notifications
We tried them all, no other software beats Cycle. We redesigned our feedback loop to extract concrete customer insights in no time with the autopilot feature. It’s a no-brainer for any product team.
Aurélien Georget