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Drop zone mini & Chrome integration V2 🗳️

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What's faster than a drag & drop?

By now, you know that we're obsessed about building the fastest feedback capture ever created. "How could this be even more frictionless" is a question we ask ourselves every day. 

We've found that the most natural way for you to capture feedback is to take a screenshot and drop it somewhere – no thinking, no hassle, just drop it. 

We're excited to introduce Cycle's new feedback island. From anywhere in the app, just drag & drop a file or a screenshot and watch the island do its magic. 🍿

There's more… Cycle generates optical character recognition for your images… as well as transcripts for your audio and video files… automatically 🤯

Yes! The fastest feedback capture ever created 🚲⚡

New Google Chrome extension 👩💻

Many small fixes have been made to improve the overall experience of your favorite extension:

- Upload any file with a simple drag & drop (oops, we did it again 😅)
- Get titles automatically completed 
- Add multi-select properties
- Cleaner dropdown for your customers 

In order to get those updates, please uninstall/reinstall this integration through this link.

🏎 In-app feedback autopilot

Along with Slack, Call recordings, and Zapier, you can now set up your autopilot for feedback created in-app.

Our favorite use case? Drag & drop a file into the feedback island, automatically fetch the text with OCR, make sure feedback autopilot is toggled on, hit "Create feedback," and watch new insights emerge by themselves.✨

🎨 New home page

A home page re-design never killed anyone, right? 

Drop anything to create feedback, access your AI settings with one click, and have a quick look at your upcoming meetings to choose which ones you want Cycle to record. 

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Customer voice dashboard V2 & Drop zone 🗳️

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Slice and dice product feedback with filters on MRR, customer lifecycle, and time frames (like the last 7 or 30 days). It helps you understand whether you have market opportunities, but also keep track of company requests & identify the team members that contribute the most to feedback.

Here's a list of the new dashboard features:

- New date filtering (last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.)
- New charts: insight evolution over time, stats on who captured most product feedback
- Click on a feature to open it
- For each chart, choose between counting insights or the number of distinct companies.

Can't wait to see what customer voice insights you'll be extracting 💪

🗳️ Feedback drop zone

We’ve made it so simple to add new feedback to Cycle that even your cat could do it. 🙀

Drop any image, audio, video, or PDF in the dropzone and let the magic happen as the new pieces of feedback appear in your inbox 🤯 Oh, and did I mention that Cycle automatically extracts the transcript for you? You don't have to think. Just drop those files! ✌

Got a new product idea or just had a cool convo with a customer you'd want to summarize? Just record yourself and get the transcript... automatically!

⚙️ New view logic

Our left sidebar has received a significant makeover to give you easier access to your views.

Additionally, we've added thousands of new icons.

💬 Product summary

You can now automate the creation of a product summary for your all incoming feedback –  it basically lists the key feedback points at the top of the feedback docs.

This is very useful for long feedback, such as support talks or sales call transcripts, when you only want to see the product-related parts.

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