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Workflow automations & big upgrade of Slack integration 🔀

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One status property, multiple workflows

- Cycle now has a built-in “status” property so you create your own workflows

- Each doc type can have its own statuses, which can also be shared with other doc types.

- Statuses are grouped into four categories: Not started, Started, Completed, and Canceled.

Automatic status updates

- For insights, status will automatically update based on the initiatives they’re linked to. It means that when an initiative is shipped, all related insights will automatically move to “shipped” as well, so you can close the loop with customers

- Manually updating a status can easily be achieved using the keyboard shortcut: “ctrl + shift + s”

Create insights & initiatives directly from Slack

- When capturing an insight in Slack, you can directly link it to an initiative without leaving Slack.

- If the initiative doesn’t exist, you can now create one straight from the Slack integration (think bug reports or quick-fixes that do not require a whole feedback doc)


- When creating a feedback from a Company or Deal view in HubSpot, Cycle will now automatically link it to the associated customer.

- Try creating feedback manually from the sidebar, you will automatically be mapped as its customer and assignee so that it never gets lost.

- Settings for “Views” have moved over to the left, you’ll find a cog icon ⚙️ next to the view’s name.

- We’re removing the “claps,” but we’ll be back with an improved upvoting feature, stay tuned!

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