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Upgrades to Intercom & email integrations + Chrome extension superpowers ⚡️

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Intercom integration

- Send the whole Intercom conversation or a custom text

- Use content templates to pre-format the feedback sent from Intercom

- See all feedback and product initiatives related to a customer, directly in Intercom, along with their status and assignee

- Map custom properties of feedback straight from Intercom

Email integration

- Transfer an email with feedback to your Cycle workspace

- Cycle automatically maps the sender of the email as a customer (or creates a new one).

- The recipient of the email is used as assignee of the feedback

Chrome extension

- Map feedback to a customer in Cycle directly from the extension

- Assign the feedback to a team member, the extension automatically loads your workspace's members

- Custom properties of feedback appear as fields of the extension

- Drag and drop screenshots in the extension to include them in the feedback

- Use Cycle markdown editor from the Chrome extension to better structure the feedback

- If you've set up a content template for feedback, it will be available in the Chrome extension.


Improved UX to create initiatives when linking an insight

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