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Slack automations ⚡️

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⚡️ Slack channel automation

Just pick a channel and that’s it: from then onwards all new messages in that channel will be sent to Cycle as feedback, automatically.

To update your automated channels, go to your Slack integration settings.

👉 Workspace settings → Integrations → Slack → Configure.

🚲 Slack reacji

Remember that you can create feedback with one simple reacji? Well, now you can customize it!

Head to your settings and choose your favorite emoji.

🤖 Slackbot public notifications settings

Tailor your notification preferences to keep stakeholders in the loop with what matters most.

Don’t want Cycle Slackbot to pop out for feedback that won't require action for a while? Or perhaps you only want updates on things that have been shipped? We’ve got you covered!

Public notifications are based on four status categories: Not Started, Started, Completed, and Canceled. Go to your Workspace settings → Workflow to get your status categorization.

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