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Shine bright like a customer quote 💎

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🗣️ New insights logic

Insights are key to connect the dots between feedback and product delivery workflows. That’s why we made them better.

Among others, insight cards are more readable with clear customer quotes, insight creation flow is faster, it’s easier to switch between feedback and initiatives by clicking on insights that connect them, and you can now easily edit any insight’s parent, property, quote or cover picture.

Check out this Arcade – it shows a full insight workflow.

📊 Exports

You can now export Cycle data from any view – just click on “Export in CSV” and get the file by email.

Want to get a weekly export of your favorite view? That’s possible with our API in beta! Let us know if you’re interested in trying it out.

It's only a first step towards more in-app analytics! 📈

🌈 App redesign

We’ve made some sweet UI improvements. Hope you like them 🤗

💻 Performance boost

We've improved overall performance, especially the load time when you open or switch views as well as the initial load whenever you open or refresh the app – let us know if you can feel it! ⚡️

Note that you may see a few changes in doc positions within groups as a consequence because we simplified the doc order logic, but be reassured, no data was lost or affected.

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