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Transcripts & Inline comments 📝

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▶️ Video & audio player

Remember the last time you were stuck switching apps to play a bug recording?

Audio & video files can now be played right within Cycle.

📝 Transcript

We know those sales calls, customer chats, and brainstorming sessions contain pure gold. But it’s hard to be in the moment and ask the right questions while taking notes. To change that, we're rolling out our Transcript feature.

Drop an audio/video file, hit "get transcript", and voila!

And yes, it's multilingual - works in over 20 languages!

📑 Text recognition

Similar to the transcript, you can get the text from any image/PDF. Just select it and click on “Get transcript”.

💬 Inline comments

Whether it's refining meeting notes, iterating on PRDs, or digging into doc details, inline comments were built for improving product teams’ communication.

Thread resolved? Just click and dismiss.

⭐️ Star views

Last but not least, you can now star any views and get quick access.

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