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📣 Release property & editor improvements

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📣 Release property

You already have your customer feedback and product roadmaps in Cycle and it's amazing.

But what if you could turn your product roadmaps into release notes? And what if you could automatically send these release notes to all relevant people each time you ship a new release?

Well... now you can!

1. Create a new release – just pick a date and a release title

2. Add release notes to your release – either start from scratch or link existing features in your roadmap

3. Write your release notes, feature by feature, in the context of your customer quotes – with empathy

4. Mark your release notes as ready when they're properly documented

5. When all features within a release are completed, publish the release & close the loop with everyone in one click.

The notification will be sent to the relevant assignees & customers via Slack and / or email according to the user's preferences. 🔥 Soon this same action will also update the public change log.

📝 New editor features

Table of content gives you a clearer view of your docs. You can also jump between sections.

Toggle lists will be a game changer for long documents, whether it's for user research or PRDs.

🔨 Slack install flow

Our new Slack installation flow fetches your avatar, guides you through defining your favorite product feedback channels, and helps you create your first feedback starting from a Slack message.

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