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Process your feedback with AI 🦾

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Many of you told us that insights are critical for writing PRDs with empathy & communicate solid release notes. Yet it takes time to process your feedback inbox, and time is scarce.

We’re glad to introduce a feature that will save you hours of manual processing. Our new AI will find insights for you so that you can focus your energy and time on stuff where you truly add value.

To get started, go into your inbox and open a (long) feedback. Go to the insight panel on the right. Click on "Find Insights" and the AI will start working. ✨

You'll be presented with a list of quotes that you can select/unselect. ✅

Want to adapt the wording? Do it. 📝

From there you can link each insight to the right feature – existing or new.

Looks all good? Perfect, then you can just confirm and watch insights magically appear on the right.👌

It's just a first step towards a much bigger vision. That's why we call it a beta feature. We can't wait to hear your feedback and co-create the next iterations with y'all! 🚀

🗣️Transcript language choice

You know exactly the language spoken in your call and want a transcript in the same language, right?

You can now define it upfront to be sure to get the desired result.

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