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A new way to navigate hierarchy ⛵️

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Introducing our nested list view that enables you to effortlessly move between levels of your docs.

👉 Create children docs in 1 click

👉 Toggle docs

👉 Use Tab & Shift+Tab to go back & forth ⌨️

Leverage your hierarchy diagram, keep your focus and improve your productivity! 💪

Some cool use cases?

➡️ Product Skeleton: objectives split into initiatives split into stories. Create directly from this high-level view the children of your docs while you have them in mind, and fuel them right after.

➡️ User research: break down problem areas into initiatives.

🌟 Real-time collaboration

Want to know who's working on what? Just hover over the colored dot.

This works from any Cycle view. 🧑‍💻

📈 Comments count

See how much discussion a work is getting in a glimpse and follow the comments straight from the right panel. 💬

🔄 Always Up-to-Date

With our new automatic update feature, you'll never have to worry about using an outdated version of Cycle again.

Whenever a new version is ready, you'll see a banner at the top of the app that lets you refresh and update quickly and easily.

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