What did you ship this week ?

🗃️ New app structure & new Home

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🗄️ Four sections, four fundamentals

Feedback: with all new feedback, whatever the source.
Previously called Inbox, this section already existed and was renamed.

Insights: will all insights you extract from feedback.
Think customer quotes.

Roadmaps: with all your features, bugs, improvements, you name it.
Think features, but if you created additional doc types like problem, epic, or user story, you'll find them here too.

Releases: with all the features you ship and communicate on.
Think release notes and (soon) public change log. 👀

That's it! These four sections are the essence of your feedback lifecycle.

And it's a virtuous… cycle because your releases lead to new feedback, which fuel new insights, etc.

🏠 New Home & side nav

The four Cycle fundamentals are now reflected in your Home page as well as your side nav.

In the new Home, you'll find links to all sections, your sources, and customers with new feedback.

We hope you'll appreciate all the little big details. 🤗

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