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Meet your new Home 🏡

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Your new Home page

Next time you log in you’ll notice your Cycle dashboard looks a bit different:

  • Quick actions are available straight from the home page. Add a new initiative? Do it from the home page. Create a new view? Do it from the home page. Capture a new piece of feedback? Do it from…you get the idea
  • See who in your team is online and what they’re working on 👀
  • Your starred views are now front and center.

Speaking of starred views…

A star is born ⭐

  • You can now star your favorite views from the side panel or from the home page. Just one click and your most used views are easily accessible from your Cycle dashboard!
  • There’s no limit to how many views you can add as a favorite, but your full list of views will always be available in the side panel.

Goodbye, search — hello, command bar

  • Everything you loved about search (Cmd + P) has been merged into the command bar (Cmd + K).
  • Now you only need one shortcut for searching and navigating your Cycle workspace.

Put your best foot(er) forward

Cycle has got a new and improved footer:

  • New to Cycle, or need to brush up on your skills? Check out our brand new learning center, with everything from getting started, to detail on all of our features, a glossary, and shortcuts.
  • Plus, you can now invite new team members to Cycle without going to the settings. Saved you a click.


  • Updates on company profile
  • It's now easier to setup your notifications preferences
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