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Linear Integration Supercharged! πŸ‹

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What is the single source of truth when it comes to the current status of a feature? Your issue tracking tool. And for many of you, it's Linear.

πŸ”„ In this upgraded integration, you can map any Cycle feature/bug with a Linear project/issue, mirroring its status in real-time. No more double-status entries! The same for GitHub and Jira will follow soon.

Check out the magic in action here! 😍

πŸ”— To get started, go to your feature, click on β€œLink” and choose a Linear project or issue. The issue/project doesn't exist yet? Create it right from here!

πŸ’¬ From the editor, you can mention Linear projects/issues and they'll be automatically linked to the current feature.

You can also link Linear issues from anywhere in Cycle, including your feedback docs πŸ‘€

πŸ“… Sort by creation date

Sort by most recent or oldest docs. More options will follow. πŸ‘€

πŸ’ͺ Other improvements

πŸ” Zoom in/out on images with a click

🎨 Change text color for better presentation and clarity

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