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Leverage your Cycle data 💪

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📊 Data accessibility in exports and API calls

Doc content in HTML and custom properties are now available in your CSV exports and they can be used in API calls. The impact?

👉 Many of you are already using our API to integrate Cycle with various tools and create custom workflows. Now, you can also use doc content as part of these workflows.

👉 We've received numerous requests for reports on who contributes the most with product feedback. This is available in the export.

👉 Before we ship in-app reporting features, you can use your export data and analyze it with tools of your choice. Want to know who contributes the most with product feedback? Or want to sort features by number of insights? It's all possible with exports.

💡 Faster insight creation

Sometimes you just want to create an insight and categorize it later. To help with this workflow, you can now quickly create an insight without having to link it to a feature. Just select "None" or hit "Enter" right after clicking on "Create insight". You'll be able to link it later as you see fit.

Other improvement and bugs

- You can now see from your settings which member still needs to accept Cycle invitation and re-invite them in 1-click.

- You can now filter any view by customer name on top of his email.

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