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🔔 Status notifications

How often do you close the loop with stakeholders when you start working on something they gave you feedback on?

If the answer is "gloups", don't worry you're like most product folks. 😅 And this will now change!

With status notifications, you are now able to trigger product updates to all relevant people with a simple drag & drop from one status to another.

Here is a full workflow starting with a CSM providing feedback on Slack.

Think about it:

👉 How much time would you save per quarter?

👉 How many deals could sales folks reopen with real-time status on projects?

👉 How many churns would CSM prevent by closing the loop on bugs and requests?

You got it, we are quite excited about this new feature!

Cherry on the cake: in their settings, stakeholders will be able to customize how they would like to be notified (Cycle, Slack, Email).

🗂️ Multi GitHub projects

You can now link issues in multiple GitHub projects. Select the ones you need, and you're all set!

👥 Enhanced UX for companies

For all of you B2B folks, we've made it easier to manage your customers. First, you can now search for a company name and find all the people that work there.

Second, when you add some feedback, you can now directly link it to a company (new or existing) without hassle.

Third, we now automatically fetch company logos so your Cycle workspace looks nice 🤗

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