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🔎 Improved search & new onboarding flow

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🔎 Improved search

The search just got better. You can now easily search for commands, views, feedback, insights, features, people & companies. Plus, you no longer have to open the docs to view their status – they’re visible right from the search results.

Hit cmd+K from anywhere in Cycle to check it out!

🏁 New onboarding flow

We’ve updated the onboarding flow to make it clearer according to the new app structure. You’ll also notice some nice animations at each step of the flow. Feel free to invite some teammates so they can experience it!

⚙️ New workspace settings

Most settings pages have been updated. We hope you'll appreciate all the little big details (empty states, tooltips, new icons, etc).

Want to customize templates, workflow, properties or hierarchy for some doc types? Just click on any doc name in Settings > Roadmaps.

Other improvement and bugs

- Ability to update the release note after closing the loop
- New feedback creation flow
- Clearer distinction clearer between assignee and customer roles
- New bullet list icons

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