What did you ship this week ?

Improved Customer Visibility 🤩

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👩🏻 Improved Customer Visibility

When creating a company, the logo is now automatically fetched. Not as expected? Just add a URL and the logo will update.

Together with last week's improvements in the customer flow, you will have much clearer visibility on companies in all views. 🤗

👀 Enhanced view creation

You can now configure filters & displayed properties when you create a view. A preview is also available right next to your config.

Set up parameters, check the result, make any changes, and preview it again until you get it just right. 👌

🔄 Sync customers without emails

Good news for our Hubspot & Intercom users! You can now sync your customers even if they don't have emails. Just uninstall and reinstall the integration and we'll link them through their ID.

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