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Our HubSpot integration is live 🎉

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Create and view feedback in HubSpot

➡️ Any teams using HubSpot can send customer feedback straight to Cycle. The feedback will automatically be linked to the corresponding customer in Cycle.

⬅️ All feedback from a customer in Cycle can be displayed in HubSpot (no matter which feedback source it came from), so you’ll always have an up to date view of what has been shared by a customer, straight from your CRM‍

A single & better view of all your customers

  • Cycle automatically merges your HubSpot contacts with your existing contacts in Cycle based on their email address, adding any contacts that are missing without duplicating anyone.
  • You can then use the small HubSpot icon next to a customer in Cycle to jump directly to that contact in HubSpot! 🦘
  • Find the "Customers" view in the settings. Customers will automatically merge and sync beautifully across the feedback sources you added 😎.
  • Open a customer's profile to see an aggregated view of all the feedbacks a customer has given
  • Customers are mapped to their companies. Open a company profile to see its related customers and the number of feedbacks and insights they've given.


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