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Gong integration

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Automatically fetch Gong sales call transcripts, and process them all on autopilot.

The goal is to extract « voice of sales » insights:

-What are the top feature requests, sorted by $ revenue impact?
-What are the most common problems highlighted by top customers?
-What are the best upsell opportunities?
-What deals are blocked due to a missing feature?

Revenue teams love it as it helps them be analytical about their requests to the product teams: now they can put dollar values on feature requests! 💰

There are 3 ways of using our Gong integration:

1. Automatically fetch new calls or spotlights
2. Manually fetch specific calls or spotlights
3. Paste a call or spotlight link in our Drop Island

You’ll have the embedded video as well as the title, participants, comments, and Gong transcript in a new piece of feedback in Cycle.

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