What did you ship this week ?

Fresh sidebar & Home improvements ✨

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Your sidebar, made better

Up top 👆

  • The top of the sidebar is now focused on the most important things - Home and Search - and will soon be joined by Inbox
  • Starred boards in the sidebar mean your favorite boards are only a click away
  • Notifications have been brought up to the top next to your profile

Down low 👇

  • In the footer you’ll find Cycle’s new learning center, with sections on getting started, how to use our new features, a glossary, and shortcuts
  • Invite new team members directly from the footer

See what’s new

Like keeping up to date? Check out the new Recently created section on your Home page! As with everything in Cycle, it’s easy to add and change filters - whether you want a view of everything that’s new or only the features you’ve been assigned to.

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