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Feedback island Loom links & new way to capture feedback from Intercom 🔗🏷️

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Two weeks ago, you embarked on a journey to Drop Island, the fastest feedback capture ever created. 🚲⚡

You can now paste Loom links as well.

As a result, you’ll get a new piece of feedback with the embedded file and the transcript ✨

Hubspot & Intercom on autopilot 🏎

You can now put all our native integrations on autopilot.

New way to capture feedback from Intercom 🏷

If you’re using Intercom, you’re used to their tagging system. So what’s more natural than creating Cycle feedback from just a Cycle tag?

Doing this will fetch the message in your Cycle inbox, ready for processing. You’ll also have a link to reopen this ticket if you want to get more context.

Prefer to fetch the whole conversation? You can still use our widget. In this way you can also tag some feedback properties.

Autopilot loader ✨

Want to open a feedback doc for which your autopilot is still in progress?

Well, now you can! And you'll see the autopilot process your feedback in real-time with a cool loader.

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