What did you ship this week ?

Enriched customer 👱

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Customer view improvements

  • You can now see the number of feedback and insights a customer provided straight from the customer list view
  • Customers’ avatars and companies’ logos are now inherited from the feedback source! 😎
  • We'll now show you the date of the latest feedback shared by each customer.

New integrations settings page

  • Integrations are now sorted by type: source (like Slack, Intercom, etc) and collaboration (Linear, GitHub issues, Notion, Miro, Loom, etc).
  • Also, setup is much simpler now as linked doc type is set automatically 💪


  • You can now Cycle in Brave & Firefox with a similar experience to what you have in Chrome.
    Cycle remains fully optimized for Chrome, but we’ll bridge the gap more and more ☝️
  • You can now disable the automatic Slack notifications of the Cycle bot that trigger when you capture feedback.
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