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Email integration ✉️

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Forward emails as feedback to your Cycle workspace

  • Forward any conversation that seems relevant — or send your own content — to a dedicated Cycle email address.That’s it! Your feedback is in Cycle.
  • Cycle manages images and threads, you'll never lose any customer context.
  • And to make sure you can close the loop, Cycle maps the sender of the email as customer of the feedback doc.

New onboarding flow

  • Cycle’s onboarding flow has been entirely revamped!
  • Every new user will be guided through a sequence of steps that will make him understand — and perform! — the most fundamental actions to be done in Cycle.
  • It’s interactive and real-time! You’ll be able to craft elements of your own workspace even before having entered it. Welcome, home sweet home! 🏠


  • We added customers avatars and company logos to make it easier to identify who you're getting feedback from
  • “No value” for single select properties can be renamed directly from any view
  • Images can be downloaded from Cycle docs
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