What did you ship this week ?

Efficiency in all its forms 💪

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🔗 Turn URLs into embeds with glowing tooltip✨

You can now embed links to your favorite tools directly into your workspace. Think Figma, Linear, Notion, GitHub or Loom.

Just paste the link and hit enter! ⌨️

📝 Streamlined kanban doc creation experience

A brand new experience is ready for you. Select the assignee, status, and product properties during the doc creation.

🏷️ Multi-select properties

Categorizing feedback from Slack and Intercom just got easier with the multi-select properties. This will help you process it more efficiently later.

🤓 Typo-free commenting

“I like writing fast but sometimes I make some TYPOsxx.”

Well, now you can keep writing comments fast and correct the typos directly.

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