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Drop zone mini & Chrome integration V2 🗳️

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What's faster than a drag & drop?

By now, you know that we're obsessed about building the fastest feedback capture ever created. "How could this be even more frictionless" is a question we ask ourselves every day. 

We've found that the most natural way for you to capture feedback is to take a screenshot and drop it somewhere – no thinking, no hassle, just drop it. 

We're excited to introduce Cycle's new feedback island. From anywhere in the app, just drag & drop a file or a screenshot and watch the island do its magic. 🍿

There's more… Cycle generates optical character recognition for your images… as well as transcripts for your audio and video files… automatically 🤯

Yes! The fastest feedback capture ever created 🚲⚡

New Google Chrome extension 👩💻

Many small fixes have been made to improve the overall experience of your favorite extension:

- Upload any file with a simple drag & drop (oops, we did it again 😅)
- Get titles automatically completed 
- Add multi-select properties
- Cleaner dropdown for your customers 

In order to get those updates, please uninstall/reinstall this integration through this link.

🏎 In-app feedback autopilot

Along with Slack, Call recordings, and Zapier, you can now set up your autopilot for feedback created in-app.

Our favorite use case? Drag & drop a file into the feedback island, automatically fetch the text with OCR, make sure feedback autopilot is toggled on, hit "Create feedback," and watch new insights emerge by themselves.✨

🎨 New home page

A home page re-design never killed anyone, right? 

Drop anything to create feedback, access your AI settings with one click, and have a quick look at your upcoming meetings to choose which ones you want Cycle to record. 

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