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Cycle AI 🤖

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Mapping the insights you create to the right feature/bug can be daunting when you have lots of possibilities. First you don’t want to create duplicate. Second, it takes time.

So from now you’ll get an AI suggestion to help you map the insights! The feature doesn’t exist yet? The AI will suggest a name for this new feature that you can validate in 1 click.

Note that you can fine-tune the AI queries by editing your doc types and their descriptions. 👀

But the future is even more exciting! 🔥

You’ll be able to:

- Set up feedback autopilot mode to automatically process all of your incoming feedback
- Auto-populate properties like sentiment, competitor, etc

🏷 Link Linear issues to feedback

Some of you told us you wanted to accelerate linking a piece of feedback to a known Linear issue/project.

👉 Our answer is: just paste the Linear URL into the Cycle feedback doc and we’ll do the rest.

Watch this in action in this video. 🎬

🎥 Call recording customization

Here is the 2nd part of the Call recording add-on: define which meeting you want to record and see what’s planned from Cycle.

👌 Add insights to a feature & review suggestions

You can now start from a feature to search for relevant insights to link.

Either review the insights we suggest for linking, or manually browse existing insights to link them to this feature.

🤖 Live AI answers

We now stream the AI answers for an overall smoother and faster experience :-)

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