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Customer voice dashboards & API 📊

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We're super excited to announce the beta of another major new feature - a dynamic customer voice report that helps you answer your biggest product questions such as:

What are the most requested features?
What are the most concerned product areas?
Which customers give the most feedback?
What's the current status of all this feedback?

Customer voice dashboards let you slice and dice this information with filters on customer segments, feedback importance, and time frames (like the last 7 or 30 days).

It’s a big milestone in understanding and actioning customer feedback.

It’s currently in beta and we’ll open it only to 20 companies at the moment as it requires custom implementation work. If you’re interested in us analyzing your data and coming back to you with answers to the above questions, reply to this email! It will be on a first-in-first-served basis.

We’re eager to get your feedback: are we missing out on some big questions?

💻 API settings

Extend the power of Cycle with webhooks and custom workflows that integrate with any app. You can also build your own apps on top of Cycle.

Key capabilities include generating your personal API keys and managing your OAuth applications with ease.

Watch Martin, founding engineer tell you about it.

Here are some cool use cases our customers have come up with:

👉 Craft in-app forms that funnel directly into Cycle feedback
👉 Set up notifications for document status updates
👉 Send Slack messages to summarize what's been shipped in each release
👉 Sync customers from tools not yet integrated with Cycle

⌨️ Copy all customer quotes

You can now copy all quotes from the right-side panel. This makes it easy to compile, summarize, and incorporate your insights into your PRDs.

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