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Capture feedback from anywhere on the web with Cycle Chrome extension 🥳

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Something interesting in your web-based CRM you’d like to send to Cycle? Seeing something relevant regarding your product on Reddit?

👉 Highlight any text and click on the extension: it will create a feedback in a click!

Cycle makes it super fast and frictionless to enrich your customer insights, without having to leave your working environment!


  • Every maker will now have a dedicated section for performing quick analyses.
  • They can create specific views (filtering, grouping, etc), only visible to them — which they can save to shared boards if they choose to.

It’s sort of our first version of private views! More on this is coming obviously … 👀

Capture feedback from Slack messages

  • The Slack app now captures data from external integrations, which means the content of any form or survey will show up in your Feedback inbox.

What’s the difference with our Zapier integration? 🤔 Depends on how much you want to filter what you send in Cycle vs. automating it all. That’s really up to you, Cycle is flexible! 🤸‍♂️


Roles are now editable in the settings!

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