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Call recording 🎥

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Ever wondered how to multiply your product feedback tenfold? Imagine accessing every bit of feedback your users have shared with Sales & Success teams, automatically. 😱

Our call recording bot aims to make this a reality.

Define the meeting you want to record, and you'll see an additional participant taking notes. ✍️

Once installed, for every Google Meet, Zoom, & Microsoft Teams call, you'll receive a Cycle feedback containing:

  • Call summary
  • Video
  • Transcript

Of course, you can customize which meetings you wanna record.

We’re already working on the next steps. 👀

💡 Recommended insights

You’ve just started working on a new product initiative. You know you got feedback on it but don’t remember from who it was and what people said about it.

Does this resonate?

From now on, you’ll get insights recommendations from any feature or bug. Integrate this context to shape better products.🔥

Another cool use case is when you've just shipped the feature and want to close as many loops as possible. Link more insights and close the loop directly to maximize engagement 💪.

🏋️ Linear integration on steroids

1. View all issues from a Linear project directly in Cycle.

2. Automatically link Linear projects/issues mentioned in Cycle document content.

3. When you create a Linear project/issue from Cycle we’ll take the same name as default title

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