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Built-in feedback & insight

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Flexible yet opinionated

Cycle is a full-fledge NoCode tool, with the particularity of leveraging two consistent built-in concepts: Feedback and Insight (both integrating the notion of Customer). On top of this, it’s up to every team to lay out their ideal product process.

Here is our ideal workflow:

  1. Customer feedback is captured through a mix of integrations
  2. Feedback gets split into specific insights
  3. Insights are mapped to an overarching product initiative-

💡 bonus: we like to have our initiatives organised under strategic objectives)

This empowers product teams with both hyper flexibility and product management workflows. There are as many ways to do product management than there are product teams!

Create customers without email

Customers can now be created without an email address. Talked to a customer via Twitter? Caught interesting feedback from an influencer on a Reddit page? Map them to your insights!

Data imports for customers and hierarchy

You’re now able to import a list of you customers into Cycle, so you can map them to your various feedback and insights. You have a list of product initiatives already linked to specific insights? No worries, Cycle’s import functionality will keep all links alive!

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