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AI-powered editor ✨

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Aren't you tired of going back & forth from Cycle to ChatGPT to make generic prompts and lose your context? This stops now.

With our new AI-powered editor, makers will be able to:

📞 Summarize user research calls or insights
📝 Generate and refine release notes
🖊️ Write a V1 of your PRD & user stories
💯 Iterate on your documents
✅ Perfect your document's grammar
🗣️ Translate user interviews
... and much more!

Just select some text and click on one of the suggested prompts.

Once you preview the AI answer, you can choose how it fits into your doc - slide it under existing text, swap out old stuff or take another shot if it doesn’t hit right.

💻 Responsiveness improvements

We’ve made big upgrades that ensure you can now easily work in split-screen mode or on smaller screens while retaining all functionalities.

🎤 Record Audio

Record audio files right from Cycle. You'll see magic happening when you combine this with our transcript and AI features. Get a V1 for your PRD in minutes! 🚀

⌨️ Type /audio

🎤 Record your idea

🖱️ Click on “Get transcript” right after

🤖 Apply any AI command like Summarize

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