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Your product feedback,

Cycle unifies customer feedback and user research into a single platform that lets you extract insights with no hassle, powered by AI
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Sync your customers

Turn Cycle into a CRM for your product team by bringing your customers from HubSpot, Intercom, and Slack.
A visual of Cycle's productA visual of Cycle's productA visual of Cycle's productA visual of Cycle's product

Sync people & companies

All of your HubSpot, Intercom, and Slack customers, all in one place with a two way sync.

Fast search

Hit cmd+K and start searching for a customer, whether it be a person or a company.

Auto merge

Got a customer in both Intercom and HubSpot? No worries, they’re automatically merged in Cycle.

Link feedback to customers

Automatically fetch the right customer or create a new one in Cycle.

Filter views

Filter by customer or company to access summary feedback views.

Customer profiles

Each customer has a profile that aggregates their feedback and related product initiatives.

Capture feedback from many sources

All of your feedback, all in one place.
User interviews, NPS surveys... Bring them all into Cycle.
Meet your inbox. The home for your feedback from all of your sources. Make sure no feedback gets unnoticed.
Configure the properties and tags you want people to fill in when they send you product feedback
When capturing feedback from Intercom or anywhere on the web, don’t lose any context.
Write user research docs with all you expect from a modern rich text editor with markdown and media embeds.

Extract product insights in your inbox

Fly through your feedback with intuitive keyboard shortcuts, extract product insights and get to Inbox zero in no time.
Feedback isn't all the same. Cycle lets you split your Inbox the way that fits your needs so you can process feedback in a full-focus mode.
Once you're done extracting insights from feedback and linking them to your initiatives… mark the feedback as “processed” and hit inbox zero.
Highlight relevant pieces of text and turn them into insights. Link the insights to their related product initiatives (or create a new one), so you can close the loop later on.

Write and organize your PRDs

All of your customer context, all in your PRDs. No split screen, no tool switching; it's all here.

Customer context

Open a product initiative and use the insights panel on the right to empathize

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Delightful writing experience

Enjoy writing product specs with Cycle’s full-fledged real-time editor, built for speed and delight.

Content templates

Content templates help you pre-fill PRDs with the structure and formatting you want.

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Custom properties

Add custom properties to your product initiatives. Use them to organize your roadmap.

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Close the loop with customers at each release

Just shipped a cool feature? Use Cycle to get back to folks who requested it.
Close the loop

Personalized notifications

Get notified in Slack or via email when there’s an update on an initiative you showed interest in.

Close the loop

Communicate with customers in the right source and with the right message when you ship something they asked.

Recruit people for user research

Reach out to the right folks when you start thinking about a new feature – if they gave you feedback about it, they’re likely to care.

Make it infinitely yours

Your way of working shouldn’t depend on your tools, you can set up Cycle to match your unique needs.

Customize your data model

Cycle’s atomic unit is a natively collaborative doc. Docs are organized into doc types, which you can customize without limits. For each doc type, define your own Terminology, Properties, Hierarchy rules, Workflows, and Content templates. Doc types can be seen as flexible databases with shared properties, hierarchical relationships, and integrated workflows.

A visual of Cycle where the user defines terminology
A visual of Cycle where the user defines propertyA visual of Cycle where the user defines property
A visual of Cycle where the user defines hierarchy
A visual of Cycle where the user defines workflows
A visual of Cycle where the user defines contentA visual of Cycle where the user defines content

Create your own views

Create filtered views of your Cycle docs with a set of powerful building blocks: Doc types, Kanban boards, Lists, Groups, Swimlanes, and Filters. You can iterate on your processes by simply adding and editing these blocks.

A visual of Cycle where the user creates docs
A visual of Cycle where the user creates kanbanA visual of Cycle where the user creates kanban
A visual of Cycle where the user creates lists
A visual of Cycle where the user creates groups
A visual of Cycle where the user creates swimlanes
A visual of Cycle where the user creates filters

And there's even more...

Cycle is full of delightful details that will make you enjoy the ride.

Cover pictures

Drag & drop images or GIFs to create beautiful cover pictures

Illustration of a placeholder image file
3D image of a bright sun3D image of mountains

Quick previews

Hold shift + space to quickly preview docs from anywhere


Customize your experience with colors and themes to feel like home

Bulk actions

Select a bunch of docs and apply quick actions to your selection with one click


Navigate at speed of light without touching your mouse

Real-time collaboration

Work together in real-time and easily join your teammates by clicking on their avatars

3D eyes of a character, smilingIllustration of an eye mask, similar to carnival masks to hide one's identity

Incognito mode

Don't want anyone looking over your shoulder? Just go incognito, we've got your back!

You’re in great company

500+ product-led organizations get stuff done with Cycle

All eFounders teams have moved to Cycle for all things product management and it is truly a game-changer.

Thibaud Elziere

CEO @eFounders

The power of Cycle lies in its ability to adapt to our processes, not the other way around.Now that we have all user insights visible in our PRDs doc, there is no going back ❤️

Loïck Müller

CPO @Choose

Cycle is the gear that keeps our product feedback management running like clockwork.

Alexis Toyane

Head of Product @Figures

Managing feedback throughout the whole cycle has been a tedious task until we discovered Cycle: a simple tool enabling you to do complex things.

Alexis Colonna

Product @Moka Care

Cycle makes it easy to contact the most relevant users whenever I need feedback on a new product initiative. It helps me capture all the necessary customer context without friction.

Léa Hugon

Product @JeudiMerci

Cycle is the single source of truth for everyone when it comes to product feedback

Luuk de Jonge

Product @Contrast