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Peek at insights & we're going mobile

Peek at insights

To display insights, open the settings of a view, under “properties,” toggle Insights.

Cycle is now mobile responsive

  • Capture feedback on the fly.
  • Create a Cycle shortcut on your mobile home screen

UX improvements that matter

  • Create property from Doc type view
  • Create Doc types from hierarchy diagram
  • Power your documents with Embed Graphy charts

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A CRM for product teams

Find customers in the command panel

  • Hit “⌘+k” to open the command panel and search for a customer or company.
  • The command panel now also shows "views" for quick navigation.
  • Recently created feedback now appear on the home page.

Polishing Cycle's UI

  • Doc items have been redesigned
  • We removed the gray boxes around doc items in the views
  • Lots of tiny other design improvement here and there 😃
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New feature

Workflow automations & big upgrade of Slack integration 🔀

One status property, multiple workflows

  • Cycle now has a built-in “status” property so you create your own workflows
  • Each doc type can have its own statuses, which can also be shared with other doc types.
  • Statuses are grouped into four categories: Not started, Started, Completed, and Canceled.

Automatic status updates

  • For insights, status will automatically update based on the initiatives they’re linked to. It means that when an initiative is shipped, all related insights will automatically move to “shipped” as well, so you can close the loop with customers
  • Manually updating a status can easily be achieved using the keyboard shortcut: “ctrl + shift + s”

Create insights & initiatives directly from Slack

  • When capturing an insight in Slack, you can directly link it to an initiative without leaving Slack.
  • If the initiative doesn’t exist, you can now create one straight from the Slack integration (think bug reports or quick-fixes that do not require a whole feedback doc)


  • When creating a feedback from a Company or Deal view in HubSpot, Cycle will now automatically link it to the associated customer.
  • Try creating feedback manually from the sidebar, you will automatically be mapped as its customer and assignee so that it never gets lost.
  • Settings for “Views” have moved over to the left, you’ll find a cog icon ⚙️ next to the view’s name.
  • We’re removing the “claps,” but we’ll be back with an improved upvoting feature, stay tuned!
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New flow to extract insights from feedback and use them in initiatives

Extracting insights from feedback

  • Hovering a highlight will scroll the insights panel straight to the corresponding insight
  • No more back and forth navigation between feedback and insights, edit insights with the feedback embedded just above
  • Insights are automatically get a title "Insight from {customer} on {linked initiative}"

Writing PRDs next to customer insights

  • Expand long insights and copy customers’ verbatim right into your PRD
  • Create insights manually
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Upgrades to Intercom & email integrations + Chrome extension superpowers ⚡️

Intercom integration

  • Send the whole Intercom conversation or a custom text
  • Use content templates to pre-format the feedback sent from Intercom
  • See all feedback and product initiatives related to a customer, directly in Intercom, along with their status and assignee
  • Map custom properties of feedback straight from Intercom

Email integration

  • Transfer an email with feedback to your Cycle workspace
  • Cycle automatically maps the sender of the email as a customer (or creates a new one).
  • The recipient of the email is used as assignee of the feedback

Chrome extension

  • Map feedback to a customer in Cycle directly from the extension
  • Assign the feedback to a team member, the extension automatically loads your workspace's members
  • Custom properties of feedback appear as fields of the extension
  • Drag and drop screenshots in the extension to include them in the feedback
  • Use Cycle markdown editor from the Chrome extension to better structure the feedback
  • If you've set up a content template for feedback, it will be available in the Chrome extension.


Improved UX to create initiatives when linking an insight

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Zapier beef up, content templates in Slack & HubSpot integrations

Beefed up Zapier integration

  • Use custom properties of feedback docs in your Zapier automations. Great way to customize how feedback gets organized in your Cycle workspace.
  • Map customers & assignees to feedback docs

Content templates in Slack & HubSpot integrations

  • Pre-fill feedback docs with the structure and formatting you want by adding Cycle content templates to your Slack & HubSpot integrations
  • The content template will appear automatically when creating a new feedback from HubSpot or Slack
  • In Slack, use the /Cycle command to use the template you selected for the “Feedback” Doc type.
  • If the customer exists in Cycle, the integrations will automatically fetch them when creating a new feedback
Auto-fetch customers from integrations
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New feature

Meet the Insights panel 💡

It's all about context

  • Hover highlighted text to see which initiative it is linked to
  • All your insights now live in the context of the feedback they came from and stay linked to the right customer.
  • Even better, the side panel on the right gives you a quick view of all the related product initiatives and their linked insights.
  • You can find all the insights of a product initiative at the bottom of its doc to help you write a stellar product requirements document.
  • If an insight you got isn’t linked to something a customer said specifically, you can create an insight manually from the side panel too.
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New feature

Inbox 📥

Everything in one place

  • Cycle already captures feedback through integrations with Slack, Intercom, HubSpot and more via Zapier. Now, all of that feedback comes directly into your Inbox.
  • Split your inbox into filtered views: Divide your inbox into different areas of focus — based on the types of feedback you receive most often.
  • "My Inbox": Everyone has a personal inbox view by default, letting you see what’s most relevant to you.
  • The source where the feedback came from is automatically saved so you can trace it back for more customer context or close the feedback loop later on

Get to Inbox Zero

Our goal is to get you to Inbox Zero. After you’ve worked through a piece of feedback and extracted all the insights you need, you can mark it as processed and move to the next one, meaning you’ll be at inbox zero in no time.

Keyboard first

Inbox has been designed from the ground up to be keyboard first. That way, you can process, sort and move through your feedback without breaking your focus.

  • Ctrl + ⇧ + E to mark as processed
  • Ctrl + ⇧ + J to move to next feedback
  • Ctrl + ⇧ + K to move to previous feedback
  • ⇧ + space to preview


The HubSpot integration now supports creating feedback from the company and deal view

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New feature

Our HubSpot integration is live 🎉

Create and view feedback in HubSpot

➡️ Any teams using HubSpot can send customer feedback straight to Cycle. The feedback will automatically be linked to the corresponding customer in Cycle.

⬅️ All feedback from a customer in Cycle can be displayed in HubSpot (no matter which feedback source it came from), so you’ll always have an up to date view of what has been shared by a customer, straight from your CRM

A single & better view of all your customers

  • Cycle automatically merges your HubSpot contacts with your existing contacts in Cycle based on their email address, adding any contacts that are missing without duplicating anyone.
  • You can then use the small HubSpot icon next to a customer in Cycle to jump directly to that contact in HubSpot! 🦘
  • Find the "Customers" view in the settings. Customers will automatically merge and sync beautifully across the feedback sources you added 😎.
  • Open a customer's profile to see an aggregated view of all the feedbacks a customer has given
  • Customers are mapped to their companies. Open a company profile to see its related customers and the number of feedbacks and insights they've given.

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Fresh sidebar & Homes improvements ✨

Your sidebar, made better

Up top 👆

  • The top of the sidebar is now focused on the most important things - Home and Search - and will soon be joined by Inbox
  • Starred boards in the sidebar mean your favorite boards are only a click away
  • Notifications have been brought up to the top next to your profile

Down low 👇

  • In the footer you’ll find Cycle’s new learning center, with sections on getting started, how to use our new features, a glossary, and shortcuts
  • Invite new team members directly from the footer

See what’s new

Like keeping up to date? Check out the new Recently created section on your Home page! As with everything in Cycle, it’s easy to add and change filters - whether you want a view of everything that’s new or only the features you’ve been assigned to.

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New feature

Meet your new Home 🏡

Your new Home page

Next time you log in you’ll notice your Cycle dashboard looks a bit different:

  • Quick actions are available straight from the home page. Add a new initiative? Do it from the home page. Create a new view? Do it from the home page. Capture a new piece of feedback? Do it from…you get the idea
  • See who in your team is online and what they’re working on 👀
  • Your starred views are now front and center.

Speaking of starred views…

A star is born ⭐

  • You can now star your favorite views from the side panel or from the home page. Just one click and your most used views are easily accessible from your Cycle dashboard!
  • There’s no limit to how many views you can add as a favorite, but your full list of views will always be available in the side panel.

Goodbye, search — hello, command bar

  • Everything you loved about search (Cmd + P) has been merged into the command bar (Cmd + K).
  • Now you only need one shortcut for searching and navigating your Cycle workspace.

Put your best foot(er) forward

Cycle has got a new and improved footer:

  • New to Cycle, or need to brush up on your skills? Check out our brand new learning center, with everything from getting started, to detail on all of our features, a glossary, and shortcuts.
  • Plus, you can now invite new team members to Cycle without going to the settings. Saved you a click.


  • Updates on company profile
  • It's now easier to setup your notifications preferences
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Built-in feedback & insight

Flexible yet opinionated

Cycle is a full-fledge NoCode tool, with the particularity of leveraging two consistent built-in concepts: Feedback and Insight (both integrating the notion of Customer). On top of this, it’s up to every team to lay out their ideal product process.

Here is our ideal workflow:

  1. Customer feedback is captured through a mix of integrations
  2. Feedback gets split into specific insights
  3. Insights are mapped to an overarching product initiative-

💡 bonus: we like to have our initiatives organised under strategic objectives)

This empowers product teams with both hyper flexibility and product management workflows. There are as many ways to do product management than there are product teams!

Create customers without email

Customers can now be created without an email address. Talked to a customer via Twitter? Caught interesting feedback from an influencer on a Reddit page? Map them to your insights!

Data imports for customers and hierarchy

You’re now able to import a list of you customers into Cycle, so you can map them to your various feedback and insights. You have a list of product initiatives already linked to specific insights? No worries, Cycle’s import functionality will keep all links alive!

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New feature

Tag and comments, Cycle got more collaborative 🤝

Comment saved as draft

Don’t loose your comment’s content when closing the comment window!
Your comments are automatically saved, so you can edit/send them later.
Peace of mind 🧘

Tag yourself

You’re now able to tag your teammates as a user in a Cycle doc.
Assign tasks between team members, or get yourself some auto reminders!


  • Linear integration got some developers’ love
  • Chrome extension improvements
  • Notion integration improvements
  • Another round of small design improvements, like every week!

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New feature

Capture feedback from anywhere on the web with Cycle Chrome extension 🥳

Something interesting in your web-based CRM you’d like to send to Cycle? Seeing something relevant regarding your product on Reddit?

👉 Highlight any text and click on the extension: it will create a feedback in a click!

Cycle makes it super fast and frictionless to enrich your customer insights, without having to leave your working environment!


  • Every maker will now have a dedicated section for performing quick analyses.
  • They can create specific views (filtering, grouping, etc), only visible to them — which they can save to shared boards if they choose to.

It’s sort of our first version of private views! More on this is coming obviously … 👀

Capture feedback from Slack messages

  • The Slack app now captures data from external integrations, which means the content of any form or survey will show up in your Feedback inbox.

What’s the difference with our Zapier integration? 🤔 Depends on how much you want to filter what you send in Cycle vs. automating it all. That’s really up to you, Cycle is flexible! 🤸‍♂️


Roles are now editable in the settings!

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New feature

Email integration ✉️

Forward emails as feedback to your Cycle workspace

  • Forward any conversation that seems relevant — or send your own content — to a dedicated Cycle email address.That’s it! Your feedback is in Cycle.
  • Cycle manages images and threads, you'll never lose any customer context.
  • And to make sure you can close the loop, Cycle maps the sender of the email as customer of the feedback doc.

New onboarding flow

  • Cycle’s onboarding flow has been entirely revamped!
  • Every new user will be guided through a sequence of steps that will make him understand — and perform! — the most fundamental actions to be done in Cycle.
  • It’s interactive and real-time! You’ll be able to craft elements of your own workspace even before having entered it. Welcome, home sweet home! 🏠


  • We added customers avatars and company logos to make it easier to identify who you're getting feedback from
  • “No value” for single select properties can be renamed directly from any view
  • Images can be downloaded from Cycle docs
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New feature

Zapier & CSV import

Send survey responses straight to Cycle using Zapier

Create your own Zaps and automate feedback collection straight into Cycle!
Are you gathering feedback from forms, surveys, and public portals? We know it’s a lot to manage… Get a centralized repository of them all in your 💌 Feedback Inbox 🤩

CSV import

You’ll now be able to import your existing product roadmap and feedback (or user research) data in your Cycle workspace!

No need to spend time migrating data from your other tools — it will take a minute to feel at home in Cycle 🏠


You’ll now be able to assign segmented roles (and respective actions to be performed) to various members in your team. Admins, makers, collaborators, .. all working hand in hand in Cycle 🤝

Let them see our new onboarding flow by inviting some teammates in Settings > Members > Add!

Feedback built-in doc type

Cycle is getting more opinionated towards product management: 💬 Feedback is now a built-in discovery doc type, that will be automatically set up with your various source integrations.


  • We’ve done an extensive design polish session to end the summer season in good shape! 💅
  • You can now filter your boards based on the company property
  • We’ll keep on improving the onboarding flow every week!
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Product tip

Enriched customer 👱

Customer view improvements

  • You can now see the number of feedback and insights a customer provided straight from the customer list view
  • Customers’ avatars and companies’ logos are now inherited from the feedback source! 😎
  • We'll now show you the date of the latest feedback shared by each customer.

New integrations settings page

  • Integrations are now sorted by type: source (like Slack, Intercom, etc) and collaboration (Linear, GitHub issues, Notion, Miro, Loom, etc).
  • Also, setup is much simpler now as linked doc type is set automatically 💪


  • You can now Cycle in Brave & Firefox with a similar experience to what you have in Chrome.
    Cycle remains fully optimized for Chrome, but we’ll bridge the gap more and more ☝️
  • You can now disable the automatic Slack notifications of the Cycle bot that trigger when you capture feedback.
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